Create Custom Field Tags for Email Subscribers?

Last modified: September 23, 2019
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You can create custom tags for your email subscribers which appear along each email subscriber inside the email list after you upload the subscribers inside email list. These custom field tags can be text fields, dropdown fields, multiselect field, date field, date time field and text area field.

Steps for creating custom field Tags for Email Subscribers:

1. Create an email list first from your The Expo Email Platform dashboard.

2. There you get “Custom Fields” option click and get inside the option.

3. On next screen you can create any type of custom fields like – text fields, dropdown fields, multiselect field, date field, date time field or text area field, which can be used for different purpose.

Inside each field properties you can add following:

  • Label – This is what your subscribers will see above the input field.
  • Tag – The tag must be unique amount the list tags. It must start with a letter, end with a letter or number and contain only alpha-numeric chars and underscores, all upper cased. The tag can be used in your templates like: [TAGNAME]
  • Required – Whether this field must be filled in in order to submit the subscription form.
  • Visibility – Hidden fields are not shown to subscribers.
  • Sort Order – Decide the order of the fields shown in the form.
  • Help Text – If you need to describe this field to your subscribers.
  • Default Value – In case this field is not required and you need a default value for it.

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