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Last modified: September 23, 2019
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In The Expo Email Platform app you can embed XML(RSS) feeds into you campaigns easily.

Step 1:

In order to take advantage of this feature, when you create a campaign, you will have to enable the feature by selecting “XML Feed” during campaign creation step.

Step 2:

Next, in the campaign template, you will have to add a set of tags that The Expo Email Platform will recognise and transform into the actual content of the feed. To do this first switch your email template editor to HTML Source mode.

Step 3:

Then add the code (Download below code). Here is a brief example of what you will have to add inside your campaign template to make use of this feature:


Download above code.

Step 4:

After you are done with above setup in email template; the, you can schedule recurring email template from next step.

XML(RSS) Feeds Parameters:

The [XML_FEED_BEGIN] tag accepts two arguments, url and count.
The url is, well, the url of the feed and the count is the number of items you want to receive back from the feed.

Below is a list with all the tags accepted for XML feeds:

  • [XML_FEED_ITEM_TITLE] – The item title (the title of a post for example)
  • [XML_FEED_ITEM_DESCRIPTION] – Short item description
  • [XML_FEED_ITEM_CONTENT] – Item content
  • [XML_FEED_ITEM_IMAGE] – The image of the item
  • [XML_FEED_ITEM_LINK] – The url/permalink to the item
  • [XML_FEED_ITEM_PUBDATE] – Item publish date
  • [XML_FEED_ITEM_GUID] – Item guid.

All the above tags will work if the feed is valid and the content they try to replace exist in the feed.
You should test your feed campaign before sending, to make sure the tags are parsed and the content is fine because the parsing is strict, any minor error will stop parsing the tags and render them without transformation.

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