How To Use Email Subscriber Filters

Last modified: October 1, 2019
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In email marketing, it is very necessary to design and deliver right message to the right people, for this it includes Segmentation and Email Subscribers Filters. Here, we have described very easy steps that shows how to use Email Subscribers Filters inside The Expo Email Platform:

You can follow below steps to use Email Subscriber Filters after you have already delivered few email campaigns:

1. You can go to > List > Subscribers Filter.

2. At the next page select “Filter” option.

3. Now, you can filter all your subscriber from all your list, for this you can choose the List Name, Status, Sources, Unique ID, IP Address, Campaigns Action, and Campaigns.

4. From “Action” tab, present on the screen you can choose the type of action filter which you want as confirm,blacklist,disable etc. After, selecting all  field click on “Submit” icon present on below screen.

5. Then, you will see all the details appearing below the screen of same page.

This feature inside The Expo Email Platform is quite useful to filter the list of desired email subscribers and then you can perform required action.

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