The Four Important Rules

Last modified: September 25, 2019
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The Four Important Rules For Compliance

  • The From: address visible to your recipients should be clearly recognizable as being sent from you. In addition, if you work with affiliates or you have 3rd party advertisements in your email campaigns you should review the new rule provisions relating to the definition of sender as it relates to multi-sender emails.
  • The opt-out mechanism must not be complicated: “an e-mail recipient cannot be required to pay a fee, provide information other than his or her e-mail address and opt-out preferences, or take any steps other than sending a reply e-mail message or visiting a single Internet Web page to opt out of receiving future e-mail from a sender”. (The Expo Email opt-out mechanism is compliant with the new guidelines.)
  • Commercial mailers may now use a valid P.O box as the required physical postal address in their messages, as long as it is valid and meets USPS registration guidelines.
  • The term “person” has been defined as “an individual, group, unincorporated association, limited or general partnership, corporation, or other business entity.” This is intended to clarify that CAN-SPAM’s obligations are not limited to natural persons.

If you are a single organization sending email on your own behalf and do not publish ads from third parties in your emails, then the new rules will likely have little impact on you unless your opt-outs do not comply with the new stricter opt-out guidelines. If you work with a third party (other than Expo Email) that manages your opt-outs for you, you should consult with them to make sure that their mechanism will comply with the new rule provisions. Also be sure to update your Expo Email blacklist with the unsubscribe requests received form that other 3rd party.

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