Where can I buy Additional Templates?

Last modified: September 25, 2019
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The Expo Email Platform has email template gallery where, we have added a few open-source templates that you can use for free inside your email campaigns.

You can check the email template gallery inside your The Expo Email Platform dashboard under Templates > Gallery.

From the Gallery, you can import email templates of your choice inside your own template gallery and then, use it inside your email campaign.

Further, you can also download some of these free email templates:

Apart from above mentioned free email templates, you can also build email from following external drag and drop editors:

Note: When you are building an email template at an external editor, you should first export the email template in .zip file and then import them inside The Expo Email Platform Template gallery before starting to use it in an email campaign. While importing email template follow this guide.

You can also order Premium Email Templates from Themeforest Marketplace.

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