Email Verification

Our free Email Verification and Cleaning Service Includes

Valid DNS / MX Records

DNS and MX level checks to see if the domain exists and accepts mail.

Role Address Check

Check if the email is a role account such as abuse@, admin@ etc.

Removes Duplicates

Checks for and removes duplicate email entries in your email list.

Disposable Check

Verify if the email domain is from a disposable email account.

Typo Detector

Checks against obvious typos in email addresses.

Email Bounce Check

Checks against our master hard bounce file data from multiple ISP’s and ESP’s.

Remove Spam Traps

Removes a persons address who previously filed an email complaint.

Domain Validation

Detects if the domain is pointed to a parking page site or is invalid/inactive.

Bot Checker

Checks to see if the email address is a bot/non-human.

SMTP Validation

SMTP protocol to recipient server to simulate the transfer of a message.

Domain Quality Check

Checks to see if email domain is part of a complaint database.

Remove Bad Syntax

Check the syntax of the address and remove from list if invalid.