Tutorial Videos

Create a Contact List

The contact list is a representation of your subscribers, contacts, user’s data.

You can assign it any name as per your convenience and create a list based on your requirements.

You can give nay name such as Crrent Customer List or New 2020 Prospects.

Create Campaign/HTML Source Code

Click on Template tag and click on Create new button.
Click on Source button
And paste your existing HTML source code of email template.
Again click on the Source button to see the template.

Create Campaigns/Drag & Drop Builder

You can create a nice responsive HTML template with the help of our in-build Drag & Drop builder.

You can drag any element (logos, heading, image, text button, footer, social media links, multi-columns with text and images and many more) from the right-hand side to the left-hand side and further modify them as per your need.

Import Contact

You can import a list with the help of the following options.

Open your Contact lists, which will list all the contacts for you and once you will click on the following icon it will take you to the import option for that particular list to upload your contact database.

Create Campaign by Uploading Existing Template

If you already have any existing template with an HTML page and with images then you can upload the complete template with a ZIP file upload to create an email template as follows.